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Contact us to set up an appointment today!

Sponsor a Spa Day at your Facility!

How many times have your heard residents or family say....if only we knew someone who will clean wheelchairs. You now can say - I do!


What is required to Sponsor a Day?

1. Have the permission from the executive director to host the Spa Day

2. Place in the facility sign up sheets and posters to announce the day

3. Ability to work with our staff on any special needs or concerns prior to the event

4. Work with our staff on Spa Day on preferred location of our trailer

5. Help coordinate the event with facility staff if required

6. Be ready to have a fun filled day with our staff!


Click here to contact our office to learn more and to begin to schedule a date for your facility. 


Greetings to our Spa Sponsors!

Add a smile to Spa Day!

A big thank you to our Spa Day Sponsors.


The Wheelchair Spa appreciates your efforts in making this day a success for your facility and residents!


Click here for our sponsor welcome page with sign up literature.

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